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Mar 26 2009

Barclay Martin plays the gongs

Barclay uses traditional Filipino instruments to create a moving score to the documentary. In this video, he demonstrates and explains the use of two gongs – the kulintangan and the agong, on loan from our friends at the Filipino Association of Greater Kansas City.

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Mar 23 2009

Barclay Martin and the Kubing Orchestra

Musician and music director for “Zamboanga: Poverty, War, Music,” Barclay Martin, took some time out of his busy schedule to explain and demonstrate how to play the Kubing, a Filipino mouth harp. Barclay uses the kubing to create an exciting musical score for the documentary.

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Mar 13 2009

Mindanao in the news

It’s been a disturbing and escalating news story all year – danger has flared up in Mindanao, including Zamboanga City. In the last week, there have been more reports of conflict, primarily between government forces and a regional group that often uses violence to deliver its message.

News this week includes the following stories: Philstar.com reported on a clash between insurgents and government troops. OneWorld.com wrote about “Displaced Filipinos Return Home Amid Violence.” The BBC posted a slideshow, “In Pictures: Mindanao conflict.”

Please keep the teens from the documentary, their families, Zamboanga CFCA staff and all of the citizens of Mindanao in your prayers.

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Feb 5 2009

New Zamboanga trailer is up!

Hi, all!

As you probably noticed, John has created an amazing trailer so that we can show you a glimpse of the story. We are so happy to share it with you!

We have a few action items for you:

1) Please feel free to pass along the link to the trailer to your friends, family and associates.

2) Sign up for the e-news to receive periodic news and updates (i.e. – behind-the-scenes stories and screening announcements).

3) Follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/zamboanga

4) Let us know what you think! We love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks so much for your support! We’re excited that you’re a part of the Zamboanga documentary journey!

on behalf of the production team: Paul, Loretta and Barclay

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